How are the tech leaders curating expense automation roadmap?

Often dubbed as the ‘change agents’ for an organisation, CIOs today are entrusted with the most important task of leveraging technology for a company’s success. Right technology implementation is the nub for accelerating the profitability of an organisation.
With the advent of digital transformation, CIOs are curating their technology roadmap and leaving no stone unturned to check the tech trends and ride on the latest technology bandwagon.

According to Gartner CIO agenda survey, about 51% CIOs are taking charge of innovation and 49% are heading digital transformation. Large scale digital transformations take 3-5 years on average to yield significant results.

Business expense automation is one of the most crucial areas of digital transformation. About 95% of companies have standardized processes, but still organizations are losing huge amount of money owing to frauds.

The need of the hour is one such solution that promises to provide a lot of benefits for minimal cost. At the same time, since the traditional methods have been working well for decades, why would businesses move away from such established systems and opt for automated expense management?

Join The Economic Times Live Webinar, powered by Happay, to learn why business expense automation is one of the crucial elements of digital transformation. Also, get to know how the CIOs are curating their business automation roadmap.

Key Takeaways:

Vikrant Neogi
Jiny Thattil
VP Engineering
Dr. Suresh A Shan
Dr. Suresh A Shan
Head - Innovation & Future Technologies Business IT Solutions
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services
T.G. Dhandapani
T.G. Dhandapani
Digital Transformation
Tejveer Bhogal
Tejveer Bhogal
Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd
Tejveer Bhogal
Venkata Naga Prasad Vaitla

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