Global Capability Centers Summit

The Economic Times Global Capability Centers Summit 2020 is a one-day initiative designed to bring you insights from more than 30 industry veterans from some of the largest organisations from the world thriving in Finance Technology, IT, Business Continuity and Software leaders along with Government representatives sharing insights from a leadership perspective.

BPO Virtual Summit

The Economic Times BPO Summit 2020 themed on “Technology for better customer service”, is trying to gather the entire BPO industry value chain for indispensable discussion to connect and shape the future. The programme will feature panels, one-to-one discussions, and keynotes, with disrupters, global brand owners, government, consultants and BPO professionals debating at the platform. […]

Health & Wealth Summit

The Economic Times Health & Wealth Summit will focus on how Asia’s fastest growing economy needs to keep a balance for employee health, wealth and well-being. In present times the health and financial wellbeing of employees is critical as it helps create truly meaningful and productive employment – something that is equally valuable for both […]

Delivering Nutrition Summit 2020

The Economic Times Delivering Nutrition Summit 2020 themed on “Paving a way to new lifestyle”, is trying to gather the entire nutrition & wellness industry value chain for indispensable discussion to connect and shape the future. The programme will feature panels, one-to-one discussions, and keynotes, with disrupters, global brand owners, government, consultants, nutritionist & wellness […]

Asia Business Leaders Conclave

The 5th Edition of Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia Coffee Table Book will enlist the business visionaries leaders behind many of today’s outstanding corporate success stories. These trailblazers, who have stood out during normal times and have expanded their business empire, can collectively with their superior intellect and economic prudence steer the continent away […]

Consumer Freedom Conclave

In any well-organized society government can be expected to have considerable influence over how business is being conducted, even if only as a referee. However, under the influence of those who see government control as a panacea for most of our social and economic ills, the social control of business and its side-effects on consumption […]

SME Growth Conclave 2020

For MSMEs to digitalize requires training, research, innovative solutions knowledge, collaborative structures, partnerships, and know- how of digital tools and technologies. Thus, we at ET Edge take this opportunity to bring to you The Economic Times Small Businesses Growth Conclave 2020 with the theme – Re-Igniting Growth Engine for Small Businesses with Digital Marketplaces & […]

Water Conclave

The Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, stresses “that water does not need to be a problem – it can be part of the solution. Water can support efforts to both mitigate and adapt to climate change.” The 33rd UN-Water Meeting was hosted on 29th September 2020 with the agenda to discuss the role of water […]

Most Valued Mother and Child Brands

Acting as the change agent, it is TOI’s constant endeavor to address to the issues and matters of importance that are determinants to the growth of our nation. TOI, through its various industry led initiatives, has been promoting the transformation India is witnessing at its every nook and corner and so TOI announces the launch […]

Best Architecture & Design Brands

Having successfully covered the Brand stories in specific sectors such as BFSI, Education, Healthcare, FMCG, Technology, Lifestyle and Luxury, Entrepreneurs, and many more, The Economic Times now looks to unveil the most comprehensive study of leading brands from across sectors in this umbrella book “The Economic Times Architecture & Design Best Brands Coffee Table Book […]

Champions of Supply Chain Management

The Economic Times Best Bands in Supply Chain Management Coffee Table Book will cover the success stories of brands who have created a name for themselves and their organizations with their path breaking ideas, especially during these challenging times. This listing aspires to celebrate, acknowledge and eulogies individuals and organizations who have enriched India’s logistical […]

Virtual Auto Showcase 2020

India’s first ever digital automotive show | A signature event that will witness the congregation of the country’s biggest brands, policy makers and industry specialists who will debate and advocate the way forward for the auto industry, showcase their product range and unveil exclusive deals for consumers.