Robert Ford

Robert Ford


The Ford Consultancy Group

Robert is an accomplished and highly experienced former Microsoft IT executive and digital transformation expert.
As CEO of The Ford Consultancy Group, he now partners with organizations across the globe to provide a practical guide to those aspiring to boldly lead digital transformation.

Building on Microsoft’s internal blueprint for transformation and working with hundreds of CIO’s from all industries, Robert provides strategic guidance to help shape your digital vision, create your prioritized roadmap, connect and inspire your organization, and enable you to unleash the innovation that gives you the competitive edge in the digital era.

Through his unique proven framework Digital Done Right™, Robert provides hands-on leadership and technical guidance required to master the challenges faced when driving transformation. He brings personal experience, demonstrated best practice, and honest, pragmatic advice to complement your own expertise.

The Ford Consultancy Group is your strategic partner to help you successfully trailblaze your way through this digital disruption. They help you shape your digital vision, create a practical strategic roadmap, connect your organization, and unleash innovation. In three words, Digital Done Right™.