09:15-09:30 Technology as a Disrupter: Fight against Covid-19 & Post Covid-19 Economy
  Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog
09:30-09:45 Leadership in Covid Times
  Sonia McDonald’s, CEO & Founder, McDonald’s Inc.
09:45-10:20 Business Impact of COVID-19: Restructure, Renew, Rework

COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses hard across the globe. How are the organizations coping up with a plunge in businesses? What are some of the steps taken to cushion their profitability? Can technology be our saviour? How can we restructure and renew some of our projects? What’s the road ahead? The session would deep dive into post COVID-19 business impact. It would discuss new steps taken by organizations to offset COVID impact and sail smoothly.

Aditya Ghosh, Board Member, OYO Hotels & Homes
Ajay Kapur, CEO, Aluminium & Power, Vedanta
Sarbvir Singh, CEO, PolicyBazaar
Robert Ford, CEO, The Ford Consultancy Group
Abhishek Ganguly, General Manager, PUMA India & SEA
Piyush Singh, Senior Managing Director and Market Unit Lead for India, Accenture
Moderated by: Ryan Patel, Board Director & Senior Fellow, Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University

10:20-10:40 In the new normal, an open, hybrid and multi-cloud approach matters even more

With the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have had to react quickly to challenges in how work gets done and where services get delivered. Arguably, the architecture choices you make now will have both a near-term and long-term influence on the resiliency and responsiveness of your business. Open standards and open source underpin the best cloud architecture: built on Linux OS, delivered by Containers, and managed by Kubernetes. This session will discuss how a cloud-based platform that is provider and cloud agnostic will ensure businesses need not scramble the next time everything changes.

Shanker Selvadurai, VP & CTO - Cloud & Cognitive S/W, IBM APAC
Ameeta Roy, CTO, Red Hat India & SA

10:40-11:10 Fire Side Chat Digitizing Services Amid Pandemic

Jonathan Reichental, Founder & CEO, Human Future & Ex-CIO, City of Palo Alto,
Chetan Choudhury, Advisor, Prime Minister’s Office, UAE
Ott Vatter, Managing Director, e-Residency Programme, Estonia
 Moderated by: Osama Manzar, Founder-Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation & Member of Advisory Board, Alliance for Affordable Internet

11:10-11:30 Hybrid Multi-cloud: Any Cloud, One Experience

Krithiwas Neelakantan, Director Next Gen Datacenter & Cloud for India & SAARC Ops. NetApp

11:30-11:50 IT Talent Management Amid Crisis

Jeanne Lim, Board Director, Kami Intelligence, Board Director & Former CEO, Hanson Robotics

11:50-12:10 Leading with innovation in the Data Era

Amit Luthra, Director & General Manager, Data Center Solutions, Dell Technologies

12:10-12:40 CIO Panel: Leading Transformation with a Hybrid & Multi-Cloud strategy

Cloud platforms are chief among the technologies that businesses believe will drive this transformation over the next several years. Cloud platform adoption includes a shift of workloads away from off-premises environments and into public cloud over the next several years. However, this migration to cloud is not absolute. Many businesses also plan to modernize workloads in place, adopting hybrid IT strategies that integrate on-premises and external environments for interoperability and flexibility. All of this introduces complexity that will present new challenges and drive new relationships with providers of managed and professional services that support and accelerate transformation. This session would discuss on the challenges and level of adoption around cloud technologies.


Rajeev Batra, CIO, BCCL
Vijay Sethi, CIO, Hero MotoCorp
Rajesh Uppal, Senior Executive Director – IT, Safety, HR & Edu.\Training, Maruti Suzuki India
Annie Mathew, CIO, Mother Dairy
Surajit Sen, Chief of Staff, Modern DataCenter, APJ, Dell Technologies

Moderated by: Abhik Chatterjee, Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

12:40-12:55 Win the Fight, Win the Future: Six Digital Themes to navigate the Covid-19 Crisis

Abhik Chatterjee, Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

12:55-13:10 Data Management in the New World

Huzefa Motiwala, Senior Director – Systems Engineering, Commvault APAC

13:10-13:25 Voice of Global Digital Leaders: Impact of Technology Revolution to the Society of Future

Rui Pedro Silva, Global Head of Technology Deployment, Maersk Logistics

13:25-14:00 BREAK for Experience Zone | Group Chat | Personal Chats
14:00-14:20 Fire Side Chat: The Changing Role of Womanhood & an Enterprise’s Lifetime Transformation Journey

In her lifetime, a woman dons many hats. She is a mother, daughter, wife et al. Her life journey can be a teaching for an enterprise’s journey as well. Just like, a woman adopts any role and stands tall amid adversities, the enterprises can relate and can learn a lesson from it. They should be knowing that undergoing transformation is inevitable and adopting the new role or changing as per business requirement is the need of the hour.

Suneeta Reddy, MD, Apollo Hospitals
Moderated by: Vani Kola, MD, Kalaari Capital


How Technology Can Help Fight Covid-19 Crisis


Denis C. Bauer, Head Cloud Computing Bioinformatics, CSIRO


Business Continuity through Digital Transformation


N Karthik, Country Manager, Enterprise Sales, Micro Focus


Panel Discussion: Data Democratization-Making Sense of Data


Data democratization means that everybody has access to data and there are no gatekeepers that create a bottleneck at the gateway to the data. It connotes that data should be accessible in such a manner that organizations can use it to expedite decision-making and uncover opportunities for an organization. The goal is to have anybody use data at any time to make decisions with no barriers to access or understanding.
However, when data that should remain private gets into questionable hands, bad things follow. Data plays a crucial role and is at the forefront in the digital economy as business models increasingly rely on large amount of data. While making sense out of data, are the organizations at risk of data breaches? The discussion would revolve around the security risks attached while allowing access to vast amount of data. Are the organizations lacking the right skill and knowledge in analyzing those data? The need of the hour is to have a strong governance in place that ensures that data is managed well. And everyone can benefit by unlocking the true value of data.

Anjani Kumar, CIO, Strides
Ellis Wang, Senior Executive VP, Group Head of Technology, Transformation and Information, Mashreq Bank
Aaron Lee, CIO, United Asia Finance
Parag Deodhar, Director - Information Security, VF Asia Pacific
Anil Balgi, Head Digital, NTT Data Business Solutions
Jayanta Banerjee, Global CIO, Tata Steel
Rajeev Batra, Group CIO, BCCL (The Times Group)

Moderated by: Dr Ganesh Natarajan, Executive Chairman & Founder, 5F World
15:35-15:50 Maximizing your Data Infrastructure Advantage

KC Phua, Technical Director, Asia Pacific, Hitachi Vantara

15:50-16:00 Voice of Global Digital Leaders

Kashif Rana, Former CIO, Coca Cola, GE & Etihad

16:00-16:15 Voice of Global Digital Leaders: Building strategic AI organizations to enable business resiliency

Zoubin Ghahramani, Chief Scientist, Uber

16:15-16:30 Intelligent Automation in this Day and Age

Ganesh Thyagarajan is the Vice President & Global head Cloud Channels, Automation Anywhere

16:30-17:15 Growing Intersection of AI & Customer Experience

We all know that artificial intelligence is playing a huge role in how businesses operate. AI programs and services are helping transform everything from data collection and processing in the marketing department to on-boarding in the HR department. While AI and automation hold tremendous value in terms of time and cost savings internally, there is another area in which AI promises even bigger, more meaningful returns: customer experience. Customer experience is the root of digital transformation. Every tech decision we make should return to this core foundation. With massive growth in data, comes opportunity to utilize the data for machine learning and AI that can improve everyday experiences for customers. It’s also important to note that good AI must start with the right data coupled with sound data science practice or the results can be less than impressive. So, with that in mind, this panel discussion will look at the biggest ways AI is transforming the customer experience.

Santanu Bhattacharya, Chief Data Scientist, Airtel
Sanjay Gurbuxani, Global Digital Innovation Lead & Regional CIO – AMEA, Mondelēz International  
Guru Bhat – VP Customer Success Platform, GM PayPal India
Ameet Shetty, ex-Chief Data & Analytics Officer, McDonald’s
Tim Crawford, CIO, AVOA

Moderator: Rajan Mathews, Director General, COAI
17:15-17:30 Leveraging Technology for Smart Cities

Gary Brantley, CIO, City of Atlanta

17:30-17:45 Fire side chat: Building Blocks for the Next Phase of Business Resiliency & Growth

The session would deep dive into customer needs, with the dawn of a new era. A new world, with new challenges, new industry value chains and opportunities. There are plenty of good organisations, smart business owners, brands and employees that are both risk-averse and will be successful. The session would deep dive into what are the building blocks to be trailblazers of the industry?

Vikas Prasad, Director - Infrastructure Services, IBM India & South Asia                                                                                  

Ashwani Mishra, Senior Technology Editor

17:45-18:15 Special address

Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble Minister Law & Justice, Communications & Electronics & IT


Closing Keynote


Willpower Harris, Strategic-planning & business coach for Elite Entrepreneurs & CEOs

12:30-13:15 Financial Spend Discipline during Disruption

A slowing economy is putting more pressure on businesses to do more with less. As a result, CFOs are looking to steer their companies to calmer waters by improving visibility into corporate spend to better control budgets.  So, dealing with disruption will mean a threefold approach - Adapt to current operating Process, responding to business impact & Mitigating future risk. To do this on the immediate term we focus on these 3 recommendations to begin with- cash flow management, visibility and reporting of spend, and necessary controls to ensure business continuity. Today, every business area needs to see all spending clearly, especially where it’s challenging to gain visibility and control. Experience how with SAP Concur you can ensure greater visibility, spend governance and cost controls during the current environment while supporting adaptability, flexibility, and responsiveness for your employees

  • Mr. Arun Kabra, CFO, The Times Group (Education & Conferences Vertical)
  • Mr. Jayaprakash Kalappan, CFO & CS, Panasonic India
  • Mr. Mandeep Mehta, CFO, Max Life Insurance
  • Ms. Mili Chowdhary, Director Finance, Technicolor
  • Mr. Niraj Shah, CFO, HDFC Life
  • Mr. Nitin Parekh, CFO, Cadila Healthcare
  • Mr. Paresh Gupta, CFO, GVK Bio
  • Mr. Pankaj Malik, CFO, Fullerton India Credit Company
  • Ms. Radha Ramanujan, CFO, Ashirvad Pipes
  • Mr. Rahul Bothra, CFO, Swiggy
  • Mr. Sambasivan G, CFO, Tata Sky
  • Mr. Sanjay Saxena, CFO, Paytm Payment Bank
  • Mr. Ved P Goel, CFO, Dr. Lal Path Labs
  • Ms. Mankiran Chowhan, MD India, SAP Concur

Moderated by: Deepak Bhalla, SVP & Finance Head, Infosys Group

13:45-14:30 Navigating the Covid-19 Crisis: An Opportunity for Digital Transformation

To remain competitive in today’s business world and continue to grow and evolve at the same time, companies must digitally transform in both new and incremental ways. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, digitisation enables them to outperform the ever-advancing status quo and maintain pace with, or even outrun, the market leaders. Tech-driven innovation rarely comes from implementing a single emerging technology in a vacuum. Instead, true transformation requires deploying several different interdependent technologies in concert. Combined, they fundamentally transform the enterprise—giving organizations a head start on transformation to stay ahead of the competition. Discover the practical and effective ways these technologies can help to achieve true digital transformation, improve customer service, streamline business operations and innovate.
Below is a simple framework that Forrester has developed to help to understand the different phases and enterprise need to consider for their business planning efforts during this crisis. 

Assumption: Can we start with the assumption that the first phase is behind us and that most of us are in the "Adapt and Overcome" phase, with some of us already thinking about Phase 3 - "Rebound and Rebuild"? 
If yes, I propose that we focus our conversation on this second phase and how your respective organizations are using digital technologies as a way to become more adaptive. If we have time, it would be also interesting to discuss the role of emerging tech in phase 3.

Suggested questions by moderator:

  • Keep the operations lean, simplify and go faster. "Never let a crisis go to waste". As one CIO recently told me: "We are cleaning up our digital debt especially as current events expose some of the areas where we were over-reliant on piecemeal solutions." This crisis is an opportunity to review the project portfolios and ask the real questions of what is truly essential vs. what can be sunset/removed. In addition to saving costs, it is an opportunity to be leaner and faster, one of the traits of digital businesses.
  • Prioritize the key technologies. Digital is absolutely critical in the management of the crisis and its resolution. Still, cash is king. As one CIO recently told me: "We are trying to figure out what will and will not be hot since we will not stop investing on new technologies but we will need to be more cautious about our bets." Which are the hot technologies that you prioritize? And why?
  • Data is crucial to navigate the crisis.  "Everyone is asking for more data and insights now!"  Data from supply chain and partner networks, data on employee health and well-being, data from digital intelligence channels and from new sales channels... This crisis is also an opportunity to put data and data management at the core of the business transformation. 
  • Bishwanath Ghosh, CIO-Enterprise, Mfg Systems & Corp. Functions, Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Aneesh Chaudhry, CDO, Hindustan Unilever
  • Amit Saxena, Global Deputy CTO, State Bank of India
  • Vipin Gupta, Head IT, YUM
  • Goutam Datta,  Chief Information & Digital Officer, Bajaj Allianz Life
  • Arnab Kumar, Emerging Technology & Strategy Implementation, NITI Aayog
  • Jitendra Singh, CIO, JK Cement
  • Deepak Sharma, President & CDO, Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Puneet Gupta, Vice President, Sales, India & SAARC, NetApp
  • Jayanta Banerjee, Group CIO, Tata Steel Limited
  • Kapil Mahajan, Group CIO | Digital Transformation Leader, Safexpress
  • Rajat Tyagi, CIO, PVR Ltd
  • Sourav Sinha, Chief Information Officer, IndiGo Airlines
  • Ankur Arora, Director - Digital & Innovation, Sodexo
  • Parna Ghosh, VP & Group CIO, Uno Minda

Moderated by: Fred Giron, VP, Research Director, Forrester Research

16:50-17:00 Safeguarding from Cyber Assaults in Extraordinary times with Advances in Network Analytics, ML, and AI

The recent shift towards work from home environments is met with a host of security challenges. The loss of enterprise network controls and the use of personal computers for business tasks are just a couple of examples of how this “new normal” is creating an increased security risk. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, as businesses are still coping up, cybersecurity is being seen as a core technology to keep companies secure as they go online and virtual, and as emerging deep tech such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

The key points of discussion include:

  • Preparing for this new normal of a majority remote workforce
  • What are the greatest concerns today in dealing with remote workforce cybersecurity and how can these be addressed?
  • Securing work-from-home arrangements at scale
  • Invest in the right technology
  • Changing threat landscape with new technologies
  • How Enterprise Immune System technology is helping to build self-defending networks, powered by machine learning and AI algorithms?
  • Some real-world case studies
  • Durga Prasad Dube, Global CISO, Reliance Industries
  • Vikram Mehta, Director – IS, MakeMyTrip
  • Shiv Kumar Pandey, CISO, BSE
  • Harshad Mengle, CISO, Future Group
  • Ashutosh Jain, CISO, Axis Bank
  • Subhajit Deb, Global CISO, Dr. Reddys Laboratories
  • Navaneethan M, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), PayU
  • Akhil Verma, Chief Information Security Officer, Airtel Payments Bank
  • Mayuresh Purandare, Head IT Infrastructure & Security, Marico
  • Lopa Mudra Basu, CISO, Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Sakshi Vidur, Head - Information Security for Asia Pac, Yum
  • Keyur Desai, CIO & CISO, Essar group
  • Dr. Yask, Chief Manager & CISO, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
  • Sarajit Jha, Chief Business Transformation & Digital Solutions, Tata Steel
  • Mohd. Shadab Siddiqui, Head of Information Security, Privacy, Trust and compliance, Hotstar

Moderated by: Alain Schneuwly, Platinion Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group