About the Summit

About The Economic Times Virtual Tech Summit

With ever changing natural and economic scenarios, the dynamics of various sectors are undergoing a change. The COVID-19 pandemic or VUCA is forcing us to change and renew our existing business and technology models.

As we restructure the existing technology and business models, technology buzzwords such as artificial intelligence, cloud, machine learning, blockchain would form the core. These technologies are at the heart of any boardroom discussion today.

These technologies are also imperative as we move closer to a connected world, where smart devices and new mechanisms would rule the roost. According to Gartner, 14.2 billion connected things were expected to be in use in 2020, and Gartner forecasts that the total will reach 25 billion by 2021. Every day, 5.5 million new smart things are getting connected.

With natural and economic uncertainty, shifting buyer behaviors, new competition, and technology disruption, organizations which can leverage upon the latest technologies or these digital accelerators can win the race.

We bring to you a virtual forum which would cater specifically to your needs and offer personalized experiences. The virtual tech summit –Digital Accelerators in a Chaotic World— would help you to explore the technology apt for your organization. We will get to hear some global experts on how to deploy these technologies as per your business requirements.