Last date of MPTM 2023 Nomination is 23rd May 2023

Innovation, flexibility, and customer insights are instrumental in either making or breaking a business, particularly in an ever-changing marketing landscape. Legacy brands with well-established names and challenger brands breaking into the space must stay equally competitive to gain and retain a loyal audience.

Over the last couple of years, the Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) have been forced to change their brand building strategy significantly due to the unexpected digital transformation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In these changing times the prime focus for them is not only to build the brand, but also to think beyond traditional marketing method.

Now, the aim is to achieve sustainable growth based on a strategy that meets the ever-changing expectations of customers and rapidly advancing technology. The marketers are understanding the need for social and digital technology to succeed in a competitive environment.

Earlier, the prime focus was mainly on public relations and advertising but now it is deeply associated with technology. It is imperative for CMOs to seamlessly integrate technology with an organization’s marketing efforts to achieve business goals. This digital transformation has led consumers to look at brands differently, thus it has become necessary for CMOs to find a balance between technology and people’s expectations.

Why attend?

To get insights from leading marketers as they talk about challenges faced in the current digital transformation era

Through engaging panel discussions, know details about brand building while meeting customer expectations

To understand the requirement of newer technologies for a seamless customer experience

Get insightful keynotes on brand sustainability in a competitive environment

To know the mindset of impactful marketing leaders