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SeedWorks International Private Ltd (SWIPL) is a science company engaged in research, production and marketing  hybrid seeds of Rice, Cotton, Millet, Mustard and Vegetables. Our Mission is to provide superior seed solutions by harnessing technology and innovation to create value for all stakeholders in a sustainable manner. We have been in Indian seed business since 1998, Headquartered out of Hyderabad, Telangana, India we spend around 10% of our Turnover in Research. We have our primary research facilities at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Aurangabad, Alwar, Abohar, Hissar and Lucknow with 51 satellite locations. Our Pathology lab (Bangalore), Entomology lab (Hyderabad) and Biotech lab (Singapore) supports our plant breeders in accelerating and developing the latest varieties as required by our farmers. Our state of the art supply chain and QC facilities are at Hyderabad, Raipur and Sonipat (Haryana). We have 474 team members closely working with farmers in educating and guiding them to improve farm productivity and farm income. We have a farmer base of 2.3 Million and counting. We engage with 45000 growers’ farmers who help us in producing the seed as required by our commercial farmers. We advocate and champion sustainable practices and care for the environment in all our practices. Our 100% subsidiary in Philippines works closely with the Rice and Vegetable farmers.

Rivulis: Leading the Mass Adoption of Micro Irrigation Globally

Rivulis, headquartered in Israel, provides water management solutions in more than 30 countries and has distribution partnership in 100 plus nations. Rivulis offers the broadest portfolio in the market featuring the industry’s most recognized product brands and a comprehensive range of services

Rich in history that spans more than 50 years and strong field expertise as early pioneers of the micro irrigation industry, it is our vision to lead the mass adoption of micro irrigation globally by increasing accessibility to all growers everywhere through simple, affordable and smart technology for a more sustainable future for all.

Rivulis’s multi-disciplinary Product Development & Irrigation Solutions Design team of highly skilled agronomists, engineers and hydrologists ensures we develop and deliver field-trusted solutions.

We are dedicated to sustaining an ecosystem of success for our business partners and growers and helping them GROW BEYOND their highest expectations.

 Rivulis Irrigation India Private Limited

Rivulis Irrigation India Pvt Ltd is the subsidiary of Rivulis Israel. Rivulis India is having its registered office in Pune and factory at Vadodara, Gujarat. Today Rivulis India Pvt Ltd operates in 14 states with an employee base of over 400 and a distribution and services network of more than 700 growth partners. In last three years Rivulis India has doubled its production capacity and tripled the sales revenue.

In last 3 years Rivulis has brought drip irrigation technology in the fields of more than 50,000 farmers.  Company runs audio-visual van campaigns for creating door to door awareness about drip irrigation in rural India. To create awareness about water management, periodic technical training programs are being conducted for government officials as well as channel partners. Every year Rivulis is conducting 300 plus farmer training programs in the villages for helping farmers to adopt drip irrigation system in their fields.

With innovation as its core values for growth, Rivulis has brought precision irrigation technology through its subsidiary Manna Irrigation in India. By merging remote sensing, data science and agronomy, we enable growers to deliver the right amount of water at the right time to all yield-producing land. Growers everywhere will be able to improve crop outcomes and reduce water usage, supporting sustainable farming. The company is putting in efforts for helping farmers in adopting smart irrigation techniques by making satellite technology accessible at farmer’s doorstep across India.

Apart from empanelment with the PMKSY (Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sanchayee Yojana) and corresponding schemes in 14 states, it is working closely with Agriculture Universities, Research Institutes, NGO’s, Food Processing, Sugar and Seed Industry.

We are all about Innovation

We pride ourselves on field-trusted innovation since 1966. We are a future-ready, micro irrigation visionary with an extensive product offering, actionable roadmap and robust global infrastructure that includes 15 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and 3 multi-disciplinary R&D centers in the epicenters of irrigation innovation (Israel, California & Greece). We pioneered the development of Rivulis X-Pell, the world’s first insect repellent drip tape; the integrated emitter T-Tape and Ro-Drip and molded emitter drip lines: Eolos, Eolos Compact, D1000 and D5000 PC; and introduced H6000, a new layflat with pre-installed outlets. With Manna Irrigation Intelligence, our sensor-free, software-only solution, we are providing site-specific irrigation recommendations at the touch of a button.

Tata Steel Tubes Division manufactures structural tubes under the brand name Tata Structura conforming to IS:4923 and IS:1161 for square /Rectangular and Circular Hollow sections respectively.

Tata Structura was launched in 2005 and is currently the leading hollow section brand in Project construction in India . Tata Structura has been used in more than 30 airports , 20 stadiums , 7 metro projects and many  more iconic projects across India.  Tata Structura YSt 355 was the first brand to launch YSt 355 grade hollow section in India.

Tata Structura YSt 355 High Strength Steel Hollow sections are superior in quality and are manufactured using best grade raw materials (HR coils) from Tata Steel’s world class Hot Strip Mill. Tata Structura YSt 355 comes with yield strength of 355 MPa and UTS of 490 MPa , providing better strength to weight ratio and sectional properties. This in turn helps in steel savings upto 40% as compared to conventional angles /channels and upto 20% compared to local steel hollow sections . This steel savings ultimately leads to more economical project execution.

The Tata Structura team has joined hands with the Innovent team of Tata Steel, which works on development of new businesses. Together, they have ventured into the Agri-infrastructure space with technology as a key enabler, in the form of a Smart warehouse for onion storage.

Tata Structura (YSt 355) sections can be manufactured upto a maximum size of 500 x 500  mm square sections  , 700 x 300 mm for rectangular sections and 600 NB for circular sections . These sections can be rolled in wide thickness range from 2 mm to 20 mm . Tata Structura has multiple applications like Airports  , Stadiums , Warehouses for crop storage, Foot Over Bridges (FOB) , Industrial/Agricultural sheds , Railway Platform sheds , Bridges , Metro , Steel Buildings etc.

The usage of Tata Structura  – YSt 355 results in making projects economical , sustainable , aesthetical & safe structure .


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