Longevity of businesses may be challenged for companies

What according to you, Workforce of Future look Like?

The ‘Workforce of Future’ will witness a landmark shift with newer business models and technologies and also changing expectations of the workforce. Longevity of businesses may be challenged for companies will need to offer significant value to customers for survival. Technological advancements may entail humans to work in close collaboration with emerging machine coworkers besides and also upgrade skills continuously to be ready for roles in unchartered areas

When we look at the workforce of the future, what are top of the mind issues/priorities for key stakeholders – CEO, HR and employees?

Human Resources professionals will need to focus on personalisation to drive satisfaction of workforce. Engagement and empowerment will be key to achieving a motivated ‘Workforce of the Future’.

CEO’s will need to be agile and adept to dynamic business needs and handling constant disruption. Automation and Digitisation will drive significant changes in terms of productivity but workforce experience will be critical to leverage opportunities and drive results.

Employees will need to be in ‘continuous learning’ mode as the new era will be ‘constantly dynamic’. Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders will be imperative for staying relevant and achieving iterative tasks.

What has been your experience with digitisation, AI & Robotics in HR? Is India ready for such a huge transformation?

It is encouraging to see the fast-emerging start-up culture in India embracing and adopting digitisation and social media effectively. It is my belief that we have just started scratching the surface for Digital Reality (AR/VR) or even cloud and companies can go a long way in leveraging these mediums to provide innovative and effective solutions to customers.

Areas like Internet of Things, Robotics are conceptually amazing but the country is yet to see results utilising these niche technologies. Artificial Intelligence is the next frontier and it is encouraging to see a holistic interest in the sector. However, we are yet to see use of AI in the interests of masses.

What are your views on “The Economic Times Workforce of the Future Summit” and how important do you feel is the need of organizing such summits?

Economic Times has started a conversation around a subject that may hold lot of significance in the near future. The frequency of such initiatives must be increased and must involve larger set of audience to get wider perspective and learnings.

Pankaj Singh

Group Head, Talent Development Adani Group

For more information about the Workforce of the Future Summit, please visit: http://et-edge.com/conferences/workforce/

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