You want virtual data copies? But are bogged down with time consuming cloning processes, storage-intensive difficulties and unable to release the applications faster?

This new changing world demands new applications whether mobile or collaborative, with a strong focus on analytics.
Today, many organisations lack enough resources to meet that demand. Costly storage, compute resources, time to manage them and licenses required to maintain multiple copies of production databases, are creating a lot of problems for organisations.
The need of the hour is a system that virtualizes production system data and test master data, delivering almost-instant, non-disruptive access to full or subset volumes of data for application test and development.
For enhancing customer satisfaction and competitiveness, leaders today are required to release higher quality software instantly. And for that a thorough testing using production-like test data is required.
In such a scenario, a Virtual Data Pipeline keeps development data current, provision rapidly, and enable self-service and automation in a storage-capacity-efficient manner.
By using a Virtual Data Pipeline data management platform, production data and test master data is efficiently ingested on a predefined schedule that is defined by an SLA and maintained in a rapid-access snapshot pool.



How to Accelerate time-to-market

Provide data automation tools for DevOps and test data management, giving teams the data to bring new software releases to customers more quickly.


Reduce cost of software development

Benefit from storage-efficient virtual copies which can ensure significant storage savings in data centers, remote offices and the cloud.


Improve software quality

Enable critical bugs to be caught early in the development lifecycle to significantly enhance the product quality and predictability.


Increase software release reliability

Perform unit testing by developers, automated build testing and functionality and regression testing on full virtual copies of production-like datasets.


Protect sensitive data

Reduce exposure with a single golden image along with role-based access controls and automated masking.


Expand test coverage

Avoid additional point tools and infrastructure silos with a single platform for multiple applications and databases for more flexible, easier administration and lower costs.

Key Takeaways:

 Instant multiple copies at fingertips with virtual data pipeline
 Data refresh to enable developer and testers to test on the most recent copies of production data sets
 Eliminate the burden for IT staff and DBAs with self-service access
 Test in the cloud


Rakesh Meher

Leader - DataOps
IBM India Private Limited

Venkatesh Iyer

Chief Technical Architect
Alpharithm Technologies Private Limited


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