Digital assets are increasing value

What is your view on “Changing Face of Facilities Management” ? How the future of FM Sector in India looks like?
Facilities Management is undergoing a digital transformation. IoT and automation are connecting equipment, people and processes to enhance operational effectiveness and workplace productivity. Digital assets are increasing the value that potential tenants and buyers are willing to pay to occupy facilities.

As an user/operator in Facility Management, what are the qualities you look for in your vendor/ supplier before choosing them for FM operations?
Vendors/ suppliers must unlock value for our operations in various areas including: health & safety, sustainability, quality assurance, resource allocation, management productivity, project controls, transactions, change management, and project delivery. Use of technology to build service capabilities of facilities is another area of emphasis in vendor selection. There is an expectation of all suppliers conduct their businesses in a legal and ethical manner.

Technology Disruption and industry 4.0, what impact they have on the imminent future of Facilities Management in India?
Digital tools are allowing for integration of data through a network of connected and interactive systems. Multiple stakeholders are able to monitor the performance of facilities on a real time basis, and promptly address any gaps in operational efficiency. This trend is setting higher benchmarks for operational parameters.

How do facilities professionals move away from the Mindset of an ‘Administrative Support’ function and be recognised as key critical resources for the enterprise ? What are your thoughts on this?
For facilities professionals to play a strategic role for the organization, they need to integrate real estate operations with core business outcomes and organizational strategy. They need to see themselves as enablers of effective communication and collaboration within the organization. An appreciation for Automation and IoT, combined with use of Data analytics, can bring about the mind-set change in facility managers who will see abundant opportunities for improvement in facility performance and establishment of a strong connection between a facility and its users.

Your views on The Economic Times “Facility Management Summit” and how important do you to feel is the need of organizing such summits?
The summit plays a crucial role in inspiring the exchange of ideas and best practices. The strategic direction that the summit aims to provide for the profession will encourage recognition of facility management as a key element to organizational success.


Hariprasad Hegde

Senior Vice President & Global Head – Operations


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