Architecture and Design Summit 2016

Great design can be an escape from the ordinary and the humdrum of routine, and as someone at the vanguard of great design, it is our responsibility to ensure that we create a stellar experience that can be savored for long to come while respecting the climatic, cultural and physical attributes of the destination in question.

Ee Tiong Lim

Ee Tiong Lim Studio Director - Atkins Asia

Creators will always prevail, be it in architecture, design, artists or whoever else. Companies that have been at the creative forefront are the most valuable companies on the face of the planet.

Dilip Chabbria

Dilip ChabbriaAutomobile Designer - DC Designs

For the entire Architecture & Design fraternity, it’s not important to just see transformation as it stands today, but where it will move in the future. It is important to recognise that in terms of our cities, we must recognise what it wants to be.

Dikshu Kukreja

Dikshu KukrejaProprietor - C. P. Kukreja Architects

Architects, urban planners and designers have been severed from each other. As a result, planners have lost the ability to visualize their designs and architects end up chewing on the leftovers of planners and urban design.

P. K. Das

P. K. DasProprietor - P. K. Das & Associates, Architects

I think what we’ve seen in terms of spatial disparity is symptomatic also of economic disparity. I don’t know what we can do to build economic parity, but it is symptomatic of a far deeper economic malaise.

Arjun Malik

Arjun MalikArchitect - Malik Architecture

Architecture has and will always be a source of inspiration, in the future I see architects as being data scientists and architecture to shape, interact, react and mould itself in real-time. As functions will keep evolving, so will architecture.

Annabelle Viegas

Annabelle ViegasCEO & Co-Founder - The Workshop

A brand is where people put their trust, and in the real estate space I would simply say that when you are buying property from a brand, the trust with which it comes is where a brand gets separated from a commodity.

Vishal Sood

Vishal SoodSenior Vice President - Sales and Marketing, Orient Cement

When a customer is not sure of what to buy, he will fall back on a brand because it takes care of his requirements and demands. Brands represent quality, utility and so much more since they synchronize with the requirements of customers.

Nitin Kulkarni

Nitin KulkarniPresident - Sales and Marketing, Finolex Industries

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