Krithiwas Neelakantan

Krithiwas Neelakantan

Director Next Gen Datacenter & Cloud for India & SAARC Operations


Krithiwas Neelakantan is the Director Next Gen Datacenter & Cloud for India & SAARC Operations for NetApp. He joined NetApp in August 2012. In his current mandate, Krithiwas will be responsible for establishing the NetApp expertise in building the NGDC in India. The focus will be to build NetApp as the data management authority with clear expertise in providing next generation data centers.

Krithiwas joins NetApp from Oracle where he was Director – Channels. He has more than 20 years of industry experience. He previously worked with companies like Sun Microsystems and Wipro, where he managed varied lines of businesses ranging from education, healthcare, volume sales, business development and channels. His rich portfolio of work experience includes building, enabling and sustaining businesses and enabling partner competency to address relevant markets and industries.

Krithiwas is an alumina of NIT, Calicut. Krithiwas believes in a strategic approach and applies his broad knowledge of the market with smart sales and organizational skills, to deliver superior results. He brings together an excellent selling skill and knowledge to the table and is exceptional in having both Industry domain skills as well as technology skills.

Krithiwas is an ardent reader. He is a keen follower of biographies of top historians and is especially interested in world history.