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The Economic Times Prestigious Brands of Kerala Coffee Table Book 2019


Brands are a dime a dozen. No matter what you sell, there is someone else out there selling the exact same thing or something similar. The truth is, no matter how unique your products or services are, you will have stiff competition. Considering how crowded the landscape is in every region, the question is, how do you stand out in a crowded marketplace? Being successful in business means you need a brand that stands up against the competition as well as stands out from the crowd.

Kerala popularly known as the God’s Own Country, Spice Garden of India, Land of Coconuts, Land of Trees is situated on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India. It is a renowned state and has a long history of unique art forms and cultural heritage and foreign trade with other countries. Alongside the practices and traditions handed down from generation to generation, Kerala is blessed with natural wonders that have been attracting people to this land for centuries. Besides the ancient healthcare system of Ayurveda to our picturesque hill stations and diverse wildlife, Kerala is emerging as a top business destination in the country and its own brands are making waves within and outside the state. Kerala holds the 12th-largest state economy in India with ₹6.86 lakh crore (US$99 billion) in GDP. Along with stalwarts, there are many small and medium enterprises that are playing a key role in shaping up Kerala’s economy as it’s today.

 The Economic Times Prestigious Brands of Kerala 2019 Coffee Table Book

Having successfully covered the Brand stories in specific sectors such as BFSI, Education, Healthcare, FMCG, Technology, Lifestyle and Luxury and much more, The Economic Times now looks to acknowledge, celebrate and eulogize prestigious brands of Kerala that have succeeded in being at par with glocal brands. The prestigious brands of Kerala are those brands that command mind awareness, recall success, popularity, and the benefit of instant association, even among consumers who do not frequently buy their products, or are not even a part of the target audience.

It is a proud moment as we announce the launch of the 1st edition of the Economic Times Prestigious Brands of Kerala 2019 coffee table book that will feature successful brand stories as well as outline the DNA of these legendary brands, taking a deep dive into what has made these brands stand out and what are they doing as an ongoing process to live up to the status of Prestigious Brands of Kerala.

These brands would be felicitated and featured in the coffee table book whose cover will be launched during The Economic Times India UAE Conclave that is scheduled to take place on 15th October, 2019 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

UAE hosts one of the largest Indian expatriate community in the world, comprising more than 3.3 million people, most of the migrant population coming from the southern state of India – Kerala. These economic migrants have fuelled the largest inflow of Gulf remittances to Kerala and its spending has led to unprecedented economic changes in the state. Hence, Kerala has the eleventh largest economy in India, contributing nearly 4% to the Indian economy i.e state’s per capita income is 60% higher than India’s average. UAE plays a major role in Kerala’s economy thus,  Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates and of Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the largest of the UAE’s seven emirates, stands to be an ideal place to launch the inaugural edition of the ET Prestigious Brands of Kerala Coffee Table book.

Criteria for Consideration as Prestigious Brands of Kerala

  • The brand should have originated in Kerala
  • Market capitalization
  • Overall Awareness
  • Overall Perception
  • Positive economic profits associated with the Brand

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