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The Economic Times Iconic Brands of India

Tomorrow’s world belongs to those who create, own and nurture intellectual capital. Such ownership of intellectual property, manifest in brands which provides a superior basis for sustaining competitive advantage over the long run. Brands are a guiding light in a market full of products. They are more about “choice” rather than just an option which channelizes consumer behaviour in a certain way by guiding them in a crowded marketplace full of “me too”.

The Indian Brands Landscape
With a tremendous increase in globalization and international trade, a number of international brands have entered India considering it as one of the fastest growing and highly competitive markets in the world. While many failed to understand the needs of Indian consumers as well as the market characteristics but there are a few of them who have been successful in positioning their brands into the Indian market. As India is characterised by the presence of diverse cultures there are few Indian brands that have survived and maintained their prominent position even after decades of globalization that are familiar throughout generations.

Brand resonance means a strong association between a consumer and the brand. Indian brands have been able to make such a strong resonance connection with the consumers. As they have come a long way and are in an advantageous position from the perspective of the price points & ‘value for money’ offered by them. Customization and innovation is essential for brands to survive, compete & sustain. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India drive has encouraged domestic companies to increase production within the country & create millions of job which will further help to develop Indian brands further.

The 2nd Edition Economic Times Iconic Brands of India
This endeavour aims to continue highlighting the journey of brands who have achieved iconicity, and maintained the same over the decades. As, Iconic brands are those that command mind awareness, recall success and the benefit of instant association, even among consumers who do not frequently buy their products, or are not even a part of the target audience.

Highlights of the event

Winning brands are the badge of a country’s economic competitiveness. Brands capture value for the nation in numerous ways – creating intellectual capital, boosting R&D and innovation, creating large-scale livelihoods by empowering value chains, investing in physical infrastructure and expanding markets. The 2nd Edition of The Economic Times Iconic Brands 2018 will feature success stories from indigenous brands who have set an example to the world and will provide much needed inspiration for brand owners and custodians to take their story forward and also live up to the legacy respectively.

Programme Schedule

Panel Discussion: A panel discussion on the current trends and challenges, with the leading minds from the industry sharing their concerns about the future.
Ignite Session: CXO’s of leading Indian brand will address for 5 mins each on how their brand has made a mark over the years and their success formula.
Celebrity Talk: A talk by an Iconic celebrity who by himself/herself is an Icon and an inspiration to its millions of fan.

Key Discussion Points

‘Brewed to Perfection’: Building Brand Legacy for the age of now

Brand Rewired: Connecting Branding, Creativity & Intellectual Property

Strategies to Develop Competitive & Sustainable Businesses

Evolving Indian Consumers & Changing Consumption Patterns


The Economic Times Iconic Brands of India 2018 | 29th June 2018, Mumbai

18:00 - 18:30
Registration & Refreshments
18:30 - 18:35
Welcome Address by ET Edge
18:35 - 19:05
The Great Brand Debate: Emerging as a Generational Icon: Breaking, Stereotype and standing the test of time

A conventional and age old brand custodian will debate it out with his counterpart from a neo Iconic brand of India on balancing traditions and breaking stereotypes at the same time. Be prepared for some fiery thoughts being exchanged in this battle of wits as we disintegrate the building blocks of an Iconic Brand.
19:05 - 19:35
Ignite Session: No Introduction Needed

Brand Narratives from Organizations and Agencies representing diverse sectors and the One Key Differentiator that transformed their brands from “Great” to “Iconic”
  • Iconic Storytelling
  • Iconic Psychological Marketing
  • Iconic Social Connect
  • Iconic Philanthropy + Brand Story
  • Iconic Rebranding
19:35 – 19:50
Ask the Sharks: How to be a Disruptor

An interactive session with the leading Brand Gurus across generations from India where the delegates get to ask them about their thoughts on what qualifies as a Disruptor and how they can prevent their organizations from getting Disrupted.
Sam Balasara, MD, Madison Group
Paul Josy, Chairman, BBDO
19.50 – 20.00
Innovation: Brand it or Lose it – Through Collaborative Creativity

In this session, we will have a brand guru talk about the need for collaborative innovation which now has to be part of a brand's "DNA".
20:00 - 20:30
Unveiling of the 2nd Edition of The Economic Times Iconic Brands of India Coffee Table Book and Felicitation Ceremony
20:30 onwards
Cocktail Dinner Reception

The Economic Times Iconic Brands of India Coffee Table Book

We, at The Economic Times, as a part of the 175 years of legacy of The Times Group, have been proud witness to some of the most successful brand stories in India, which have come to represent something more than just a product or a service. Iconic status, which have traditionally been built over decades is enjoyed by a relatively few brands.

The Economic Times takes this opportunity to acknowledge, celebrate and eulogize Iconic Indian brands, which have not just succeeded in being at par with global competitive brands, but have also international brands on the edge.

It is a proud moment as we announce the launch of the most comprehensive study through the coffee table book titled “Iconic Brands of India 2017”, which will feature successful brand stories and also outline the DNA of these legendary brands, taking a deep dive into what has made these brands stand out and what are they doing as an ongoing process to live up to the iconic status.

Criteria for Consideration as Iconic Brands of India

The brand should have originated in India

Substantial publicly available data about the Brand

Brand awareness plays a significant role in consumer’s purchase decision

Positive economic profits associated with the Brand

Who Should Attend

Chief Marketing Officer
Brand Heads/Managers
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Strategy Officer
Sales Heads
Brand Strategists
Consumer Industry Experts
Market Research Experts
Advt. & Media Professionals

Outdoor Partner
Ambient Media Partner
Webcast Partner
Media Partners


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