Speaker Interactions

Deepak Kothari

Co founder & COO, ftcash

"Payments innovation is happening across the board in the Indian market. UPI 2.0 provides a platform on which several new products/use cases have been developed and will be developed in times to come. Given the size of the market, margins and competitiveness businesses are forced to think out of the box and design for the market. Fintech in India is in an exciting phase and products developed for Bharat will be exported to the world."

Manish Bhatia

Director & CTO, Amazon Payments India

Payments innovation is happening, but are we there yet?

India has seen an explosion in payments innovation in the last 5 years, but we are just getting started. India is a mixed economy and changing citizens habit is an adoptive long-term challenge and should not be treated as a technical problem. To support a mixed economy we will need an Ala Carte of Payment Methods, and fine tune them as our customers mature through an individualized digital journey.

How important is it to have an awesome UI for an awesome UX?

An awesome customer experience needs to be simple, secure, scalable, reliable and adoptive – It needs to just work like exchanging cash. Obsessing over only an awesome UI without the right rails to support scale, security and adoptability might not give you the right long-term leverage