Things to Watch Out

A world class platform, one-to-one meetings with solution providers and the opportunity to network with your peers will arm you with the information you need. The summit will discuss key challenges being faced, advancement in the sector and the opportunities.

  • Inclusive session that will enable and engage the audience through an interesting and thought provoking group discussion to discuss the key issues in the industry and bring out their relevant solutions
  • Case studies to understand business models that’s transforming businesses
  • Live Survey during the summit that will provide immediate feedback from the attending audience on varied issues
  • We will also explore an opportunity with “Student Chair” & “Open Chair Forum” wherein a selected/nominated student and/or an attendee will get an opportunity to share the platform with visionaries and share their thoughts with the forum.

Key points of discussion will be and not limited to:

  • State of the cards & payments sector
  • Technology advancement
  • Changing dynamics of customer demand and dispute resolution
  • Product innovation
  • Impact of consumer behaviour in business
  • Migrating to the new platform from the traditional medium
  • Loyalty programs
  • AI, Data analytics and data security
  • Collaboration in the Cards & Payment sector
  • Focused Sectors and new sectors adopting the system
  • Cashless a dream or a myth?
  • Customer expectation
  • Expectations of the buyer of the services
  • Regulators role in safeguarding from online frauds and measures for strict customer identification
  • Data analytics, data security and privacy
  • Payment and settlement systems
  • Cost Factor