Consist of extremely agile learners

What according to you, Workforce of Future look Like?

Workforce for future would consist of extremely agile learners. Given the fact that AI, machine learning and IOT would mostly redefine production and process of service delivery, there would be continuing disruptive changes. The workforce has to consist of quick learners and adapters. Lifelong training and learning will also paly an important role in the rapidly changing business scenario.

When we look at the workforce of the future, what are top of the mind issues/priorities for key stakeholders – CEO, HR and employees?

The “problem solving” and “creativity” strength would have to be the key differentiators while hiring. After onboarding, retention of talent would be the biggest challenge. The task would also be to create continuously “leaning” organizations. The employee happiness quotient growth has to be focussed by employer. The employer has to continually upgrade the workplace to meet the millennial professionals rising expectations. Work life balance would have to be respected.

What has been your experience with digitisation, AI & Robotics in HR? Is India ready for such a huge transformation?

Workforce virtualisation is the order of the day. Digitisation has been liberating whenever we have wanted to address scale. The management is able to use the analytics to address various business challenges. Targeted social media advertising has enhanced our workforce quality. But the related upskilling requirement of entire HR workforce would have to be addressed. Given the IT leadership status, the country would have to get ready both as a human resource service provider as well as a user. In the overall scheme of things, the fear of job loss on account of AI, Robotics is misplaced in view of thousands of new age jobs which will get created.

What are your views on “The Economic Times Workforce of the Future Summit” and how important do you feel is the need of organizing such summits?

The summit is extremely relevant and timely since the lead time to make the transition is limited. AI, AR, VR and IOT are fast game changers. India has the largest stake owing to software leadership position and huge workforce engaged across all sectors. More brainstorming and strategizing will provide insight to companies to gain competitive advantage. It would also be important to rope in leading higher education institutions into the debate who are actually the providers of workforce.

Diptiman Das

CMD, EdCIL (India)

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